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Activity for interview

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Nannynannynanny Tue 11-Jul-17 11:37:36

I've been offered an interview in primary school and have to do my own activity. I haven't been in a school situation for over 10yrs. Help what activity can you suggest I do?

SecretFreebirther Tue 11-Jul-17 11:43:36

I'd imagine that that is half the challenge!

indigox Tue 11-Jul-17 11:45:57

I don't think they gave you the task so you can steal some ideas from a forum.

dexter101 Wed 12-Jul-17 13:33:56

Well I think its probably best for you to come up with the activity but why not think about:
What you want them to learn/reinforce
What role are you going for
What different levels are going to be included
Can you create differentiation to allow different levels to all take part
Have confidence in your own skills and knowledge, they wouldn't be letting you loose on their children if they didn't think you were up to it
(I hope not anyway!)

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