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Ttc after stillbirth

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Emblebee Fri 23-Jun-17 07:06:12

Hi there I lost my little boy 3 months ago at 24+5 weeks and really struggling to cope at the moment I miss him so much he was perfect his name is Evan tobias Pegg me and my husband were given the all clear to try again and started trying after first period I have been having panic attacks lately as I am so stressed out having to go to work and face people just want to be at home but can't take any more time off I have another beautiful little boy called fletcher he is 5 and really want a little play mate for him he was so looking forward to having his little brother like we all were feel so lost has anyone else had these panic attacks ,I want to Ttc but have been given tablets for panic attacks but can't take them Whilst Ttc trying to cope without tablets at mo because I want a little baby sorry for long drawn out message just need someone who knows how I feel x

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