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self soothing

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rbmilliner Thu 22-Jun-17 12:38:29

Am confused - is it a good idea to let 3 week old fall asleep on the breast. Seems to be the only way I've found of pacifying her, other than my husband who is now known as the 'baby whisperer'. Any advice?

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GirlInASwirl Tue 04-Jul-17 15:39:09

I am not an expert on breast feeding rb. But I think its perfectly normal for a 3 week old to fall asleep on the breast; its a very soothing activity. However; as they get older that would be akin to sleeping with their face in a plate (never a good look at parties). Safety note ; be careful if baby is sharing a bed and feeding during night. As they get older they do tend to find it harder to drop off at mealtimes and this may be a good time for both you and hubby to find a soother that you can both share with her - songs, tv, a bath.
It's early days yet; this is the time for close cuddles and being 'on demand'. Self soothing doesn't really come for quite a while yet.

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