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Nursery Manager ignores me and my daughter

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user1496669249 Mon 05-Jun-17 15:00:24

Hello , i could really help some advice , im feeling so upset and im really unsure in what i should do next. So my two year old daughter has recently started Nursery, we have only recently moved into the area and are newcomers so i just thought id pick the closest nursery to our very rural little village as it seemed sweet and very convenient as we can walk to it . Over the last few weeks i have felt a really odd atmosphere when ever the manager is there or answers rhe door to us, she cannot look me in the eye and when i try to say hello or start a conversation with her she is very blunt and offish with me. At first i thought it may just be her way as she seems quite old fashioned and stern, i have to add the other members of staff are warm, welcoming and friendly. Anyway so two weeks ago my poor dd came down with scarlett fever , it was so frightening and she was very poorly . So i inform her through text what was going on with my daughter and why she will not be cominh in until she is better....i recieved a really thoughtless nasty text msg whicj said ok, well the sessions still need to be paid for. .....i was gobsmacked!!! She didnt show any empathy towards my poorly little girl or even msg i hope she gets better soon etc. However i was so busy as i have two other children i think i let it go over my head. Today was the first day my daughter went back to nursery since the scarlet fever, we walk in and she just looks us up and down and my daughter says hi sarah....and she turned away and said hello another family walking in . i was furious!!!!!! So i said hello sarah is everything ok? To which she replied yes why wouldnt it be? I said cassias much now but she has some put on and she said put it over there and pointed really rude. Then she turns around and starts laughing and joking and sniggering with another parent!! I was shaking with anger and wanted to take my little girl out of nursery right therr and then however my dd saw one of her friends and seemed happy to stay . ....theres more sorry its lomg winded. As im about to leave the nursery i see her outside chatting to a woman i know, a neighbpur of minr and they were hugging and almost wispering!! Well this neighbpur plays music till 2am sometimes, is a total nightmare, rough and swears outside and we hear her all the time shouting! A couple of weeks back i reported her for noise at 2am to council. It just all clicked into place...they were friends!! And thats why she was treating me and my daughter in that way!! I cannot believe hoe un proffessional and immature she is behaving. Its a very small village clicky town im a newbie so im being treated like this i feel. Anyway so i comr homr so upset and angry i phonr my local education authority and they said you have other options ....move her!! I was like..thats not the point though is it? Its wrong! This behavior needs to be reported!! And she said oh ofsted then ...but i doubt u will get anywhere. So right now im sat here in utter disbelief that this behavior can 1) be going on in a nursery 2) nothing is going to be done about it 3) my daughter is two!!! 2 for godsake can this be right???....advice please , i know ive made alot of typos but im furious and rushing xxx

theaveragewife Mon 05-Jun-17 15:04:21

I have a very similar issue with our nursery second child to go to the nursery and she only started acting this was a couple of months ago due to an ex 'friend' of mine. It's so unprofessional.

If I were you I would complain to the nursery owner and take your child out to find a new nursery, it's just not worth sticking around with people like that. If DD wasn't starting school in September I would take her out...but there's only a few weeks left of this term now.

user1496669249 Mon 05-Jun-17 15:14:49

Thank u for ur reply @theaveragewife its terrible isnt it? Im sorry to hear that u are going through something similar too. I will definitely be taking my daughter out , ive arranged to look at another nursery tomorrow. However i just think its going to happen again when someone new moves to the village that they choose not to like & i feel so sorry for any child or parent that has to go through that, surely i can speak to someone about it? Btw she is also the owner xx

EMSMUM16 Sun 02-Jul-17 18:37:58

I would still complain though - everyone has a manager so put it in writing and at least it will be logged, then be done with it. My daughter has a small child who started nursery and something like your situation happened, she moved her - interestingly it is a small village too - rural, unfortunately there are small minded people around and they aren't worth bothering with, I hope you find new, good people, and I am sure your DD will be happier elsewhere, you can't trust people like this nursery manager, she sounds awful

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