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Trolley Buggy Phoebe legacy

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user1495898938 Sat 27-May-17 16:54:04

Hi all i am wendy, and i need your help and support as i lost my daughter Phoebe at 13moths,old and for her death I channelled my grief from Phoebe’s death into making a unique product Trolley Buggy Connectors as her legacy. The Connectors are a lightweight, durable, universal connecting device. They will allow you to attach your pram or buggy to a shopping trolley and push them as one. The connectors have been designed to be compatible with the majority prams and buggies, for me to get the Connectors onto the market, i need to raise the money i need, by kind donations, as i can not get a loan.,and have no more money my self to put in to it, but i got to keep going no matter how long it take me for Phoebe. If you like to support me in anyway, please come to my facebook page Trolley Buggy. Thanks Wendy

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