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WWYD At what age is - feed them when they're hungry - inappropriate?

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bananapants007 Thu 18-May-17 19:35:36

My DD6 is a big eater. Always has been. She was one of those babies that looked like she might pop smile She's in the 80% for her height and weight, so biggish but in proportion. In actual fact as she grows she's moving very slowly down the percentile. My concern is she asks for food all the time. Tells me she's hungry all the time, even when I think she can't possibly be (10 mins after a slice of toast, banana, glass of water for example.) We talk about listening to our bodies - what else could the message be if we've just eaten, a varied rainbow diet, too much of any one thing being bad for our tummies and teeth etc. I'm petrified (over reaction!) I'll create a food issue by refusing to give her food if she's hungry. She always eats her meals. I'm concerned about her saying she's hungry so often and it doesn't seem ok to give her something to eat every single time she asks. Surely our bodies need a break sometime. She has unrestricted access to the fruit bowl and she is a wide and adventurous eater. WWYD??? Should I be concerned?? Should I be saying no??

user1495196949 Fri 19-May-17 14:01:28


If you don't say no soon your DD will think that you eat whenever your hungry. If she gets this habit she will become highly overweight

user1491572121 Fri 19-May-17 14:05:29

Is she active? Fit and running around lots? I have two DD's and my 9 year old is CONSTANTLY asking for food ...she's also tall but is on the boney side of things.

If your DD is moving down the percentile I'd not worry but I would be careful what you give her.

Is she getting enough protein at meals? If my DD doesn't, then that's her most "hungry" time...she might for instance claim she only wants pasta and oil for her lunch but then half an hour later, she's hungry again.

Try yours with carrots or peppers cut up as a snack instead of free reign at fruit. Unlimited fruit's not too good because of the sugar.

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