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Man advise plz ladys

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user1495083286 Thu 18-May-17 06:05:52

So i have this thing were i dunno if its just me turning protective of my man or what but i use to be soo chill and now im like a whind up doll and the stuipedest things set me off 😞
I dont even like being around my man anymore i cant watch t.v with him coz i feel jst so worthless ohk so imma kiwi and hes indian and he will never tell me i look good or anything but when were with other people he will non stop compliment them and when we watch a movie hes on his phone the whole time but the minute theres a "rude" scene he cant keep his eyes off it always checking out other gurls but if i so much as talk bout anything tht happend in my day tht involves a guy he shuts me up he cant handle hearing it like does anyone else experience this im struggling #help sad

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