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Cannabis use in pregnancy

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AnoneyMousey Tue 02-May-17 13:36:41

Hey all.

Just up for a healthy debate/discussion on this subject as I was talking about it with my friends a few weeks ago and wondered what the general opinion was.

Obviously going anon for this 😊

I smoked weed through my pregnancy (no tobacco) - I started due to severe morning sickness and not being able to keep food down, and had done a lot of research online before hand.

My son is now almost 4 and is very advanced. He's at the same developmental age as a 7/8 year old (as stated by 2 drs and a health visitor)

A close friend of mine smoked weed during her pregnancy and her daughter is top of her class, getting top marks in every subject and is just in general really intelligent.

From the research I've done online and other parents I've reached out to and spoken to about them smoking weed during their pregnancies and how intelligent and happy and healthy their children are now.

There have never been any recorded deaths from cannabis, or any side effects in newborns etc.

It's proven to have cancer killing agents and helps with so many other illnesses such as MS and depression.

Why is this still illegal?!

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scurryfunge Tue 02-May-17 13:44:05

Links to any credible research please.
Your sample of 2 people in the whole world is hardly scientific.

onthettcbus Tue 02-May-17 13:46:10

Put on your helmet and flame proof jacket op, I have a feeling this will not go well.

nobullshitallowed Tue 02-May-17 13:47:54

I had HG with all my pregnancies, never once did I decide to start smoking 'weed' because of it through. hmm

But again I don't agree with smoking anything in pregnancy.

I do agree with cannabis oil (not normal 'weed') being used for health reasons!

Scribblegirl Tue 02-May-17 13:49:41

I'm pro legalisation and regulation of all recreational drugs so I'm definitely no shrinking violet on this debate. My dad is also a severe MS sufferer and I can see the obvious health benefits of weed use for medical reasons. However, I really wouldn't take anything in pregnancy at all. I just think that the risk of miscarriage is too high to chance it.

I do however (contrary to stereotypes) know many highly intelligent and cultured weed smokers in my lefty paradise grin Perhaps the advanced abilities of your children are down to other factors - I'm pretty sure for example that these aren't children growing up without access to books etc

Wolfiefan Tue 02-May-17 13:51:22

I really hope this is a troll.
No. I wouldn't take illegal drugs during pregnancy.
They are illegal for a reason. Smoking dope is linked to increased risk of MH issues for instance.

BillyButtfuck Tue 02-May-17 13:57:53


AnoneyMousey Tue 02-May-17 14:04:09

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Wolfiefan Tue 02-May-17 14:08:16

Nothing to do with pregnancy confused
Did you have severe epilepsy too?

HeyRoly Tue 02-May-17 14:09:18

Those links have nothing to do with cannabis use during pregnancy.

silkpyjamasallday Tue 02-May-17 14:12:26

It is a fairly common morning sickness cure in Jamaica and India among more deprived communities as it is much cheaper than buying medication. I also read an article from a Harvard professor who had used it during pregnancy to combat morning sickness as she determined it was less harmful than the anti sickness medication.

People are very anti drugs on MN though so I doubt you are going to get a debate here, just people telling you that you are evil. I personally think it is much less harmful than drinking during pregnancy as it is a naturally occurring plant in its natural form not fermented rotten grapes or hops which when you think about it is pretty disgusting. Marijuana has been used in medicine for thousands of years for many many different maladies, it is only after big pharma realised that they can't make a profit on a cure all plant that people could grow themselves that it was made illegal and demonised to the extent it has been.

All humans and some mammals have an endocannabinoid system, receptors in the brain that respond to use of cannabis and actually produces its own version of THC and CBD naturally which are the two predominant chemicals in marijuana. I'm not religious but I do think this is an argument for intelligent design if there ever was one.

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Tue 02-May-17 14:18:08

There isn't going to be any scientific studies on the use of cannabis during pregnancy and the effects on the babies produced because such a study would be unethical.

Although I sympathise with with those who have suffered HG your behaviour was reckless and selfish and still has so many unknowns in regard to both you and your dc.

AnoneyMousey Tue 02-May-17 14:18:27

silkypyjamas yes thank you.

Everyone else - see silkypyjamas post ☝

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IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Tue 02-May-17 14:22:06

One poster agreed with you and that's all you need to hear?

Great debating skills op

scurryfunge Tue 02-May-17 14:22:57


Gallavich Tue 02-May-17 14:27:55

There is no credible research that indicates that cannabis has a harmful effect on foetuses. HOWEVER there was something I found about impact on the endocrine system which I found interesting- my mum smoked throughout her pregnancies, none of her kids have developmental issues at all, all above average intelligence but I do have a physical issue which could be linked to a disorder in the endocrine system and I did wonder if it was related to the cannabis.

TBH as a social worker if I was assessing a pregnant woman who smokes cannabis regularly I would be concerned about her habitual reliance on it since being stoned with a newborn is definitely dangerous. If I had been a habitual weed smoker when I got pregnant I would have take the opportunity to knock it on the head since it's not something I would ever want to do with a newborn or young baby around (though my mum managed to keep us all alive I guess)

BitOutOfPractice Tue 02-May-17 14:28:45

I thought you wanted a debate.

So far you've given us a Tony bit of anecdotal evidence, some irrelevant links and a "what she said" grin

BitOutOfPractice Tue 02-May-17 14:28:59

Tiny. Not Tony blush

User2468 Tue 02-May-17 14:30:41

I think it's a vile drug and the mental damage it inflicts is much understated. That's coming from someone who smoked it many many years ago.

Gallavich Tue 02-May-17 14:34:46

Just did a little google for clarity - cannabis is an endocrine disruptor. There are hormonal processes that take place during childhood and puberty especially that can be impacted if the endocrine system has been disrupted during pregnancy.

Anyway - has anyone ever been stoned? THC definitely crosses the placenta - I'm not sure why anyone would want to expose their baby to the effects of cannabis, it's just such an obviously weird and dumb thing to do.

AnoneyMousey Tue 02-May-17 14:38:02

A debate in which no one is attacked would be super 😆

The links weren't irrelevant, maybe to the pregnancy but they still show the positives of cannabis use.

It's pretty much legal across the board in the USA as well as Holland. Can you provide legitimate evidence that it causes illness or diseases?

Dr's will tell you to have a glass of wine during pregnancy or that if you smoke cigarettes when you get pregnant to not stop because of the withdrawal impact on mother and baby. But smoking a bit of weed to ease morning sickness (instead of pumping man made chemicals into my body) and to help with anxiety and depression is such an evil thing?

BTW I don't smoke around my son now obviously.

I'll have a joint when he's tucked up in bed. No different to having a glass of wine in my opinion.

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Gallavich Tue 02-May-17 14:40:54

There are loads and loads of things that are helpful and not harmful but which could harm foetal development in utero hmm
I completely agree that cannabinoids probably do have beneficial properties in some applications but your question was about use during pregnancy

AnoneyMousey Tue 02-May-17 14:43:38

There was a study during the 80's on cannabis and pregnancy but it was shut down due to the findings being positive and not negative, which is what the people funding the research were looking for.

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Tobolsk Tue 02-May-17 14:45:22

I wouldn't take drugs, and class myself as pretty anti drug (however weed does seem to have some medicinal benefits)

However I also believe all drugs should be legalized. People should be responsible for themselves. If they want to go and OD on Heroin then that's there choice that they should be free to make.

HeyRoly Tue 02-May-17 14:45:47

Doctors do not tell women to carry on smoking during pregnancy because "the stress of withdrawal is worse than cigarettes".

That's a lie smokers tell themselves to ease the guilt.

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