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Posting photos of your children online.

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AbzRobz122 Fri 07-Apr-17 15:44:47

Hello! My name's Abby and I'm a writer for Pretty52, part of LADbible Group and one of the largest online communities for women aged 16-34 in the UK.

I am currently writing a piece about parents who choose to post photos of their children online, and those who have decided not to. I want to look at both sides of the debate and understand the motivations/concerns behind personal preferences.

If you would be open to answering some questions, please drop me an email at

Or alternatively, you can comment on the thread below with your views.

Thanks for your time.

2014newme Mon 10-Apr-17 15:31:36

I have a travel blog. I do not post photos of my kids nor myself. My blog may be more successful if I dud but my children privacy is more important than my blog!

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