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AIBU Teaching Assistants Odd Questions

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melislor Thu 16-Mar-17 18:48:56

Hi all, first time poster but need some perspective on if I am being too upset over questioning of my daughter aged 9. Today at school she was asked ' Does your Dad have another family?' Also 'How often does he visit? Once a year?' Bearing in mind I am a single Mum and he visits at the weekends. My daughter is really upset and so am I as it suggests in my view her Dad doesn't care and she is being neglected. She was also asked if she goes out at the weekend?! We are in the middle of a house move so not so much right now knee see in boxes and sorting! I have to meet tomorrow with the head and assistant to discuss as the assistant denies asking these questions?! Hardly things a 9 year old would make up. What would you say/do? I'm feeling quite upset by this.

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Dreadfulidea Sun 19-Mar-17 16:41:54

Ask to get this moved to AIBU first of!

How did the conversation arise? Part of a lesson, was your daughter upset in the first place maybe? It's a bit odd to randomly start talking about second families for no reason.
Secondly you are projecting.
Why would asking about circumstances imply neglect? and " it suggests her Dad doesn't care" is totally your interpretation. Teaching assistants see children from all circumstances and single parents are a dime a dozen. If the TA thinks something is wrong it won't be down to just not seeing her father regularly.
You sure your daughter isn't anxious about the move and that her behaviour at school isn't reflecting this?
I would ask her teacher for clarity on how it's going.

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