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101 Things to do before your 1st birthday

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grandad49 Wed 15-Mar-17 10:02:07

George will be 1 year old on 8th May. He and Grandad have put a bucket list together of what he needs to do before he is one year old.

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2014newme Mon 10-Apr-17 15:34:29

I hate the idea of a one year old having a bucket list I.e things to do before they die. It's sad to think of death ay such a young age

JeannieJeannieJeannie Mon 10-Apr-17 17:02:26

Sorry maybe I used the wrong terminology in the post. This is not meant to be a list before you die the list is titled "101 Things to do before you are 1 year old". This is a fun motivational list Things to achieve and have fun with whilst you are young enough to do so.

All the best

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