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Confused - please help!

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JessB92 Sat 11-Mar-17 02:26:50

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice & dont really have anyone to turn too, so here goes..

I came on my period on 31st January and came off around 5th Feb. I then had light bleeding for 2/3 days on 25th Feb & that stopped around 28th - it definitely is not what I would class as a period.

I was expecting to come on again around the beginning of March given February is a short month but I havent.

I slept with someone before the 31st Jan so when I came on I thought I was sweet.

I have been getting a slight backache which sometimes goes down the back of my leg. I am always very tired and a little cranky.

I had a Molar Pregnancy when I was 19 and I dont feel like I have the same symptoms now as I did back then.

The guy I was seeing wouldnt be interested if I was pregnant which I am fine with, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what this could be?

Thankyou all smile

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