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Paternity issues advice needed!!!!

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Sarahwhite90 Wed 08-Mar-17 19:43:47

Please don't judge- I had a light period 17th April until 20th April then unprotected sex on 22nd april, I had unprotected sex with my partner on may 30th, I couldn't remember if I had a period in may I think I did so I told my GP I had a period in may, when I went for my scan on the 3rd august I was 11+4 and due date Feb 18th my 20 week scan put my due date the exact same Feb 18th, did this mean at my first scan I was 9+4 fetal age but the sonograther added two weeks for gestational age? Making the baby my partner's, or does the sonographer input the date I said my LMP and work out my due date based on what I've said? I'm so confused! Can scans get it this wrong? If I didn't have a period in may would the sonographer know this?

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