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When to start buying

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Bethany932012 Mon 06-Mar-17 22:49:43


I'm nearly 21 weeks pregnant (first baby so totally new to being pregnant/mums net!) I started buying bits a bobs after my 12 week scan but didn't buy any of the larger main items as I didn't want to jinx anything!

I'm just wondering when is a good time to start buying the bigger items? I already know which pram I want but having been putting off as I wasn't sure if it was too soon!

Beth smile

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Misstee11 Wed 22-Mar-17 22:25:51

I understand about jinxing things, I didnt get my son's furniture until he was born as I very cautious. I got clothes, bottles, nappies etc. My personally opinion is to get a moses basket or next to me crib first as its needed. Order the pram when your roughly 7 months (remember the guarantee starts from the date of purchase) so the later the better. Or put things on your wish list for your baby shower (if you are planning on having one)

What you could do is visit Mama's and papas store and book a personal shop where they will help you with everthing you need to know. Also you get 10-15% off depending how much you spend. Furthermore they have a parents to be event every month once a month, where they hand out goodie bags, give advice and have a guest speaker. It's really useful especially for first time parents.

Hope all this infomation helps.x

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