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age gaps

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user1486473729 Tue 07-Feb-17 13:37:12

A friend and me have found each-other again after a long time. I was widowed (young) and he is newly divorced (I did not know her and we have met up again after his divorce not before, to be clear). However, he has only been divorced less than a year. Also we are quite a bit apart in age, nothing funny, I am middle aged he is just a bit older than middle age, newly retired. Do age gaps matter between middle age and later sixties? Also how easy is it to approach certain topics or not after someone has divorced after being married a long time? Any views? Smiling.

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leojohnsmummy Sat 11-Feb-17 08:02:21

why should the age gap matter? age is just a number and if you both like eachother then why not go for it. And about the divorce his marriage before clearly didn't work out so why should you hold back, you could be the one to make him happy and he could be the one to make you happy! dont care what other people think or say its up to you and him its your lives and thats all that matters! i'm not sure about the topics you should/shouldn't talk about but if you like eachother then you'll get over that in the end. Aslong as you are both happy and want this to work then crack on lol, dont let things hold you back if its meant to be then it will be! grin grin grin

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