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daughters happiness

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cesca2206 Thu 19-Jan-17 19:01:25

My daughter has set me a test which I have failed miserably. She is 15 and looking at career choices. She is bright and I have to admit we do have ambitions for her to make the most of her academic abilities. Any way she has now decided she wants to be a beautician and, according to her, that we should support her in whatever she chooses if it makes her happy - that is what good parents do. I think it is a bit patronising just to say "whatever" to her. She does not see it that way. Just to say we would not expect her to do anything she did not want.

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jcne Thu 19-Jan-17 19:13:32

I know a girl, an acquaintance, I'm not her biggest fan tbh she's not really my 'type'. but she's pretty bright, and she's a beautician, and therefore a business woman, and I tell you what, she's doing well, very well. she's likes what she does, she's in control, and she's got a lot a freedom. in an industry like that with a lot of self employment being bright and learning some skills can mean you quickly rise to the top. but of course, she's only 15, she might have 10 careers before she finds something that sticks.

i'm 30, 'bright' and I'm an accountant, but I think it stinks and wish I had done things differently, despite my parents being relieved!

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