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Blankuser1992 Sun 18-Dec-16 16:48:00

( setting the scene)

I am 26 year old female with one identical twin sister.

My mother has been in and out of my life since 18, my sister and I have not lived together since we were 11 ( spilt apart like the parent trap film).

This Christmas I bought my mother what she wanted and a few other bits + something for her partner.

My mother will tell my sibling and my self what she wants as to not get what she doesn't want.

So in total I've spent around £80 on presents for her etc and I got my sibling around £50 worth.

I work an ok job earning around £19,000 a year in our local.

My sister called myself this afternoon to talk etc

She says ' OH have you got the voucher (£50) mum sent ?'

I reply ' no ,,, what voucher?'

Sister ' oh well it must reach you soon then....'

I AM NOT A TOTAL moron and understand mum had sent her this and not me. Long story short and well she got a toothbrush, rent money and voucher.

I got the toothbrush....

I feel a little bit sorry for myself but I know that people don't have to her twins the same ..

Does anyone else understand?

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