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Don't know where to turn next.

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user1476360567 Wed 30-Nov-16 12:50:00

I feel really stuck and do not know what to do to make the right decision for my daughter. Her father and i broke up 6 years ago and i have worked incredibly hard to keep it amicable...we go out for dinners the three of us and always make sure sure when she is doing her school productions she looks up and sees the both of us sitting there together smiling at us. My daughter goes to private school. We are not the usual private school parents, when we came to choosing her school we were living in the wrong area with very little options and just enough to cover the fees, no holidays, nice cars etc. The arrangement was that i pay half and he pays half...he has just announced that he owes the school £3000 in school fees and her place next term is in jeopardy. She is a very sensitive and emotional child who finds change difficult, the last 8 birthdays she has celebrated in 8 different houses, we have had to move a lot. We rent and have had troubles with damp...landlords deciding to sell it is a nightmare. The school have said they are looking to put her forward for a sport scholarship when she moves to secondary school. Now i feel everything i have created in regards to security has been ruined and it makes me feel sick. I work two full time jobs to keep her where she is...i just don't know what to do next....

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queenbeeee Fri 02-Dec-16 23:52:35

Oh dear 😞 I'm so sorry for your situation. Is your ex able to pay his debt or not. If not I dont know what you could apart from public school or home school but as you work in not sure that could work for you. Do you have a spare room you could rent out. I think you defo need to sit down and have a good chat with your ex.

Jeanne51 Fri 17-Feb-17 03:33:27

Could your ex pay you the money in installments. Arrange with the school to pay the fees in installments. They won't want your daughter to leave. They may even have a hardship fund. Try the school.

Jeanne51 Fri 17-Feb-17 03:35:10

Your ex is a shit. For not paying and or not telling you.

zanuda Fri 26-May-17 19:19:13

Go to school and speak with them. I'm sure, they've see it all. And they give you the best possible advice. I mean what other people do in this situation, and what will work. A friend of mine had situation - her husband lost a job at some point. So the school put them on some scholarship or whatever funding they had and my friend didn't pay a thing till her husband found another job.

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