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How to blog 😊

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Thecorporatemum Sat 26-Nov-16 00:08:11

Hi there - I've seen a lot of threads on here with advice on how to blog so I thought, why not let's help each other. I thought that if everyone posted the link to their blog here, we could review one another's blog. Maybe keep it simple and state one thing you liked about the blog, one thing you would perhaps consider changing, and then an overall impression (good and I 'liked' the page/good but not for me/thank you for sharing but not my cup of tea ☺️). For anyone who sends me feedback, I'll do the same 😊 So here's my page - only on FB right now but open to the public. Thanks so much for reading

Thecorporatemum Sat 26-Nov-16 00:13:50

Sorry - and meant to add that it would be good if we send a tip to the blogger when we review!

Givemecoffeeplease Sat 26-Nov-16 07:30:15

Hi there. I'm new to blogging and my blog def has a diff look and feel to yours. Yours is funny and chatty in style and I really like it. Makes me laugh and I can empathise with a lot of what you've said. Like the images too. I don't follow blogs on Facebook much but I'll keep an eye out for yours.

(Would happily have criticised your blog but really liked it!)


Es3children Tue 29-Nov-16 20:45:00

I not sure if this is right place to write this x anyway asking for some info x I had 2 miscarriage one last years and one this year oct. Both I lost baby at 6/7 weeks but last year one I started bleed about 12 weeks and this one I went my first scan to be told my baby had died. Both I had to have a d n c for. Last tear I was put to sleep this year I was a wake and had the op under local. Last year I bleed for month after which took whole year fall again this year which I miscarriage as well. But this time I bleed only couple days and I still haven't came on which is now nearly 5 weeks. Had some terrible pain Monday which I couldn't stand which has now disappeared but still no period. X any info or help pls xx shall I wait or do a test or just wait I no idea xx thank u blush

Es3children Tue 29-Nov-16 21:22:11


user1478706331 Wed 30-Nov-16 10:51:40

Hi love, think you are messaging in the wrong place, you are on a bloggers forum. Try for more help

Es3children Wed 30-Nov-16 11:20:33

Thank u xxxxx

Thecorporatemum Thu 01-Dec-16 13:37:04

Hi there,

Es3children - I am so sorry to hear what you are going through - I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer but really hope things improve for you soon.

Givemecoffeesoon - I really liked you blog and you write very well. I guess my only thing is how do you plan to get yourself out there with this? I must admit the same could be said to me with my blog. Guess this is the tricky part??!

Thecorporatemum Thu 01-Dec-16 13:38:46

And I'm really sorry for the delay in replying. Had meant to reply much sooner. And thanks also for your lovely comment - was v kind x

Givemecoffeeplease Thu 01-Dec-16 14:46:23

I'm active on Twitter and FB and trying to blog for other sites e.g. Mumsnet. Don't have any budget to put behind it to grow it so hope it goes up organically.

What are you doing?

Thecorporatemum Thu 01-Dec-16 23:01:25

Heh - them bright young things at work are trying to get me on instagram and snapchat so was wondering whether to use that. Good call to use Twitter - I should look into that. I also tried FB but want to hide my identity so it's hard getting it out there. I think I need a plan! I'll look out for you on FB. Cross posting is meant to help - I only tried it twice and it worked a bit x

Bongo6 Fri 09-Dec-16 23:12:21

Have absolutely no idea about how to set up a blog which is a shame really as have a zillion rants to unleash on the world, scary I know 😜 17 year old daughter aghh, any need for more words? Oh yeshhhh (good old Churchill) Well, clever, attractive, funny (this girl has got it going on) vile, mean, nasty (this girl is close to madness) canny cope, what do people do? Run away? Affect disinterest, stick pins in child/woman? Bloody nora, am clueless, advice on cool places to run away to? Suggestions on affecting nonchalance, or bloody good first aid kit?

DanielaMorris5 Mon 19-Dec-16 13:24:51

There is no problem with making a blog ( I launched mine with a professional template from ), but with an ispiration. I am busy working and just have no time at all to write ( I'd like to dedicate a blog to my hobby ).

user1482267973 Tue 20-Dec-16 21:42:18

Hello fellow bloggers

I'm new too and not a clue! I'm not at all technically minded. I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I'm not sure where I am going with it! I'm simply writing how I feel! My blogs are rude! Lots of swearing, love you to take a look and offer advice

Or find me on facebook three before 30 and @3before301 on Twitter! Someone got in their first!

asifti Sun 08-Jan-17 18:52:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

WipsGlitter Sun 08-Jan-17 20:07:18

How are you promoting the blog at the minute?

Sarcasticmuslimmama Fri 13-Jan-17 20:38:57

Hi. This is a great idea! I hope I'm not too late and people are still actively participating in this. I set up a blog last week so I am an absolute novice and would love some feedback. My blog is about parenting from a tongue-in-cheek Muslim perpective (which isn't really all that different to any other perspective, but you have to make yourself stand out some how!) Please follow my blog at and/or follow my Facebook page

Any feedback will be much appreciated!

Sarcasticmuslimmama Fri 13-Jan-17 22:11:01

Thecorporatemum - I'm not sure whether my advice is worth anything as I am still very new at this and you seem to be very confident with what you do, but I really liked your blog. I think it's sensitive, funny and well written. This isn't really a tip, but have you thought about doing a few in-depth pieces now and then? I think you'd be good at it.

joangray38 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:15:08

This is my blog it's focusing on disability and fashion/ jewellery but I want to expand to lifestyle etc this year. I am trying to promote my blog by having competitions - entry requirement subscribe to blog. At the moment I am doing a Harry Potter slider charm competition. I also have an ig and Twitter account which are linked. I get lots of views just not subscribers

Sarcasticmuslimmama Fri 13-Jan-17 22:28:36

Givemecoffeeplease - I loved it! I didn't get the chance to read everything on there, but I intend to come back to it in time. You write so articulately and have such an authentic style. I don't think I could say anything that would be of benefit to you, except keep doing what you're doing. Big fan already!

Mummybean2 Thu 19-Jan-17 11:45:49

Hi guys new here and very new to blogging. To be fair i only set up to have a rant of everyday things, to help me deal with our new son who we are adopting.
Any advice would be great and will be visiting yours x

MoxiousWhimsy Wed 25-Jan-17 18:40:00

Hi Everyone. I just wanted to post my new shiny blog up here to get a little bit of feedback. Not shown it to anyone yet, although I've been writing bits and pieces on Facebook for a long time now.

I'm not really sure how to describe my posts - funny episodes from my life, possibly, with hopefully some slightly more serious stuff to follow. Would appreciate any comments! Here it is - Moxious Whimsy

Am off to have a look at all of your blogs now!

TiggyD Thu 26-Jan-17 10:26:53

I've bot a blog. I've got quite a bit of content on it now, and putting on more stuff more often. It's poems and children's stories I've written. The blog is mainly big lumps of text but I'm not too sure of how to make it prettier. I've also not really got stuck into promoting it. I should do the Facebook and Twitter thing...

Anyway, it's Poems By Tiggy

I'd like to be a paid writer one day.

Yrias Sun 29-Jan-17 15:11:26

Moxiouswhimsy, just had a look at yours and followed you on WordPress. Loved your funny story! The layout is really slick, too. My blog is brand new and for some reason the mumsnet blogger network keeps saying the link is invalid. It needs a lot of work on layout, and the photos scrolling on the header are the stock ones from the template! Trying to get to it. For now though, here it is.

user1485954787 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:52:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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