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Unplanned pregnancy

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lidaloowasher Mon 21-Nov-16 16:28:00

So I am neither single or 15yrs old and in reality a well loved mother of two, so who am I to complain but..... Thing is I am 40 and had no intention of having another baby. I am also on a 2 year contract which is up for renewal in August. But by then I will most probably have a baby on my hands and have no hope of getting my contract. I have worked so hard to get this job and am in my first year of my PhD with a limited skill set and this is one of two opportunities in my area. My husband has just started a job in the city and is away from us 3 nights a week so I am pretty swamped.

I am feeling pretty isolated in this as I don't want to tell anyone as I am only 7 weeks gone.

Any other mums out there start feeling bereft only to have your life altered in fabulous ways???

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