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Biting at Daycare

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user1478514376 Mon 07-Nov-16 10:46:56

I am just looking for a second opinion. My son is 18 months and started nursery 5 weeks ago, going for one day a week. He still cries when I leave and is sometimes crying when I collect him. The staff say he has a lovely day but I do worry that he’s upset while im not there. This worries me but I know it will hopefully get better with time. What does bother me is that a couple of weeks ago he was bitten quite badly by another child, when I questioned this I was told there is a child with behavioural problems who they are monitoring closely. I was really upset as the bite was in the middle of his forehead and took a while to go away. On Friday when I picked him up he has scratches all down his face where apparently a child had tried to snatch a toy from him. Is this normal behaviour in a nursery or is this something I should be worrying about. I am a first time mum and quite concerned. I feel like taking him out altogether but maybe I am over reacting?

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YuckYuckEwwww Wed 09-Nov-16 13:39:46

yes, it's normal, and it looks like the staff are reacting to it appropriately
It's not a "nursery" thing, it happened with my kid and her playmates at that age even though that one didn't go to nursery and we were right there and supervising, it's "normal" for that age

YuckYuckEwwww Wed 09-Nov-16 13:40:46

p.s. If you take him out, are you going to avoid libraries, playgroups & playdates too? because otherwise you can't totally guarentee they won't ever get bitten or scratched, even if you're right there. Preschoolers are FAST

YuckYuckEwwww Wed 09-Nov-16 13:43:08

Look: even happens in the middle of savannahs with no daycare centres in sight grin:

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