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Mixed ovulation test results clearblue and onestep

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Djmarbella Fri 30-Sep-16 17:41:22

Hi there!
I started my period on the 16th of september and finished on the 20th. Tested the purple clearblue dual ovulation test on the 21st and had a flashing smiley. Tested again on the 22nd had flashing smiley again. The morning of the 23rd i had the static smiley! Over these dates we dtd. The past few days i have felt like ive been ovulating so today the 30th of september i took the cheap one step ovulation test and it came out positive, thought this was weird so i tested with the clearblue pink digital test and came out positive too! I then took the dual hormone purple clearblue test but that was negative!
Im so confused! How can the purple test last week say positive, then this week negative but the other 2 tests say positive!
Any advice would be much apreciated smile

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