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Birthday party

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FedUp100 Wed 21-Sep-16 19:27:53

Hi all,
Some advice needed please!
My DD started reception class at primary school last week. It is her 5th birthday in 2 weeks time.
I am completely new to school etiquette, this is my 1st child at school.
So, do I throw a birthday party and invite every child in the class? (we do not have a lot of money!!)
Or do I assume none of the kids will have got to know each other that well within the first couple of weeks so just celebrate with family and keep it separate from school?
Would it be nice for my DD to have a party and invite the whole class? Or would it be too much for her given that she will hardly know anyone there?!? Will other parents think I am showing off if I have a whole class party? Or will they think I am a miserable old so and so if they realise it's her birthday but don't have a party for her class mates? If I don't do a class party and the other mums/kids find out it's her birthday (It's on a school day), does that mean my DD won't get any invites to any parties in return from anyone in her class?
I would like to send a big birthday cake in to school with my DD on her birthday so all the kids can have a piece of cake with her, so everyone will know it's her birthday.
I don't really want a great big expensive party.
My house is too small to have one at home so that's not an option.
What should I do? What is expected by other parents?
Many thanks!
BTW I'm not 'Fed Up' as my username suggests, I just forgot my password so I can't change my username lol!

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