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The Winging It Mum

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TheWingingItMum Fri 16-Sep-16 14:51:11

In 2014 I became a mum, after years of fertility problems. Finding out I was pregnant was exciting and scary. When my daughter was born I developed the "baby blues" which then turned in to PND. I have come out the other end now, and finally in a good place after giving up work and looking after my daughter full time.
When I was suffering with PND I realised how lonely motherhood could be. I have set up my own blog & Facebook page for mothers (and fathers) to join together, laugh, and support each other. I would love to try and build my Facebook page up and get more people to join in. I also poke fun at my husband and my daughter (sometimes it's just got to be done!)
Sometimes being a parent can be totally crap, most of the time it's an amazing experience.
My daughter has just turned 2, and she has had a good 6 month head start on her "terrible 2's", just to really nail those tantrums and completely mortify me whilst we are out.
It's light-hearted fun, I hope you can all join in. Please feel free to go to my page ☺️

Winging it because I actually have NO IDEA what I am doing. I read pregnancy and baby books, did they help? Yes, a bit. But there are so many things that the books didn't prepare me for. For example; tantrums in public, toddler stubborn-ness, and let's not forget the joyous event which brought my daughter into the world - labour 😖

Anyway, I'm rambling. I would love for you to head over to my page 😊

Thank you
Jen xx

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