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Help a sanity check please

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seb1234567890 Mon 05-Sep-16 07:32:36

To All,

I am Dad in need of a sanity check.

In short my ex and I lived in Wiltshire when we spilt up. I maintained contact which was good and carried out schools run to cover my Ex's work. My Ex changed jobs so the need for school runs was dropped.
A just over a year later I changed jobs and had to move out the of the area to the tune of 60 miles. I carried on picking up and dropping off the children on my weekend as I had moved this was reasonable (along with the extra costs as mine), and this has worked for about 2 years.
Last year my Ex stated she was moving up to Nottinghamshire which was a big thing as she had only given me a couple of weeks notice. We worked through this and agreed a pick up point that was similar to my run (60 miles). My Ex stated that she would help maintain contact despite the move.
after a couple of months my Ex then stated that she could not drive at night so I took on additional cost of driving to Nottinghamshire on the pick ups only and the agreed drop off remained the same. I have compromised both in time ( I have to shape work hours to leave a 12.00 to pick up from Nottinghamshire and carry extra travel costs) but contact is still maintained.
My Ex has now stated that she is unwilling to keep the car or look for a job both mean she unable to drop off or pick.
This means that CMA will go up or I have to drive both ways (this is not really practical as much as want to I can not drive 16+ hours a weekend and feel that I safe driver especially if my child is the car).
What are peoples thoughts on this and any suggestions on a way ahead? I feel this is about money sadly and very little to do with my child and contact with me and his grandparents.
Many Thanks

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