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Care of the elderly in a residential home

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Agingandscared Sun 28-Aug-16 19:29:43

I have the patience of a saint, so I thought, it has been dragged out of me since starting employment in a residential care home, I am shocked at the lack of care! It has really affected me , I thought I was so much stronger. These elderly lovely people are ignored, left for hours, it consists of up, fed, bed? I am shocked to the core, I want to care and there is no time.

normastits5 Sat 24-Sep-16 09:36:26

Yes this is a modern day scandal if you ask me. There must be a national debate about this massive issue. The crux of the Matter in my opinion is that there is no place for you in our society when you get so old that you can't look after yourself. Nobody loves or cares for you enough to look after you so the state are obliged to do it by paying shit wages to those who are prepared to step up.
Who used to take on this role? Yes the women of course, daughters sisters nieces etc , all of whom are now tied to or devoted to paying jobs, that they really need to keep in order to pay the bills. Also most of us need to work for our own mental health!
What is the solution? How do we begin to value our ageing family friends etc??? And stop seeing them as a burden?
All I know is I dread getting old .......

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