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Death of my ex-husband

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user1471903596 Mon 22-Aug-16 23:23:48

On 31 July 2016, my ex-husband unexpectedly and prematurely died of a massive stroke. We were married for 22 years and had 2 sons together - aged 20 and 17. We divorced 10 years ago and he subsequently got together with a new partner and her 2 sons. Sadly, for us, he was a better dad to her 2 sons than our 2 sons. Not surprisingly, we are very upset by these recent events. My sons are not only mourning the loss of their dad but also the loss of a dad who was rarely there for them. I am mourning the loss of a man whom I spent 22 years with and the loss of my marriage. Plus trying to deal with my anger that he was such a poor father to my gorgeous boys - both of whom have had serious problems as teenagers, exacerbated by the absence of their father. I am posting this in the hope that some of you might have some wisdom and kind comments to help us through. I am new to this site. It was recommended by a friend and I hope that it is OK to post about this kind of stuff. Thank you.

PickAChew Mon 22-Aug-16 23:27:21

One can only assume that he had somewhat learnt from his mistakes the second time around. Still sucks for you and your children, though flowers

MummyNic7 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:11:47

I am sorry for your loss, sometimes it helps to simple vent and have an arena to vent.,.... I will pray for you and as a Christian always point you in the direction of my faith to a loving saviour that takes away very disappointment hurt and pain and is a restorer.... I too lost someone very dear to me many years ago and couldn't have got through it without the hope and love of my saviour Jesus Christ xxxx

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