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Daughters behaviour at school is horrendous and school are not hlping

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user1469783217 Sat 30-Jul-16 19:36:48

Since moving to secondary school my daughters behaviour has spiralled out of control. She is a very hyperactive out going child who excels in sports. Academically she finished primary with a 6a in maths but a 3c in english.
When she first started secondary she did not get in much trouble - the occasional detention. In term 2 of year 7 was when things started going from bad to worse. She was constantly being told off for being hyperactive getting out of her seat not paying attention because she found this a hard thing to control she started getting angry when being told off so then she started being isolated for lashing out. By term 2 she was being isolated at least 2 times a week. Then she started refusing isolation and swearing at teachers etc. this carried on through out year 7 and by then end of year 7 had 6 temporary exclusions and 30+ isolation's.

Then came year 8... she had fallen loads behind in work which made her experience in the classroom worse. By the end of term 1 she was constantly being sent out of the classroom for being hyperactive and loud mainly from the same teachers she had in year 7. Then by term 3 she was in main school 1 day and isolation the next day for about 4 weeks until this cycle was broken by a 2 day exclusion. Then by term 6 a lot of her classes she was being pre parked for (sent to a different classroom at the beginning due to behaviour last lesson) They also tried giving her extra english lessons but refused and got so worked up about the school gave up.

I don't know what to do i have tried all sorts of punishments etc. I think its the teachers are getting fed up of her, shes so hyperactive, and shes getting in trouble and getting angry because she finds it hard to control resulting i more trouble. She also finds it hard to maintain friendships and often gets in fights. Shes starting her gcses when she goes back in September and i really want to see a positive change in her attitude. I have tried with the school but they are just not listening and labelling her with a bad attitude. They are a few teachers she gets on with and they seem to be positive encouraging teachers. I can not really move her as next closest school is 9.5 miles and it is a very small school i doubt they would taker her.

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LIZS Sat 30-Jul-16 19:43:41

Has she ever been assessed and is the school Senco involved? It might help to do so and have consistent strategies for school and home.

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