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Introducing a brand new daddy blog

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fatherinthewild Mon 30-May-16 07:31:14

Good Morning!

I thought I would start this grey bank holiday morning while the baby is still asleep (very rare) on a whim and introduce my blog. I only started a few weeks ago but I'm really enjoying it.

So here it is. On your radar

Critique me, enjoy following me, laugh, despair or be happy a daddy is talking feelings.

I've got some big posts on some big terrifying subjects to talk about so watch this space.

Thanks ladies!


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themamacave Fri 03-Jun-16 13:24:16

Hi Matthew,

I love your topics - especially raising awareness of PND in men. It is such a silent topic and needs so much more promotion.

Bambina is approaching 10 months so I am wiritn through similar stages to you - It's great to have the male perspective out there :-)

Keep it up!!

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