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Thinking about a new blog, honest opinions please

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realhousewife23 Fri 25-Mar-16 02:19:38

I have an idea for a blog that I'm thinking about and would love honest opinions or feedback. It would be talking about / reviewing products that I like from the perspective that when I buy something new (or book a hotel or choose a holiday), I'm one of those people who need to see all the options and research for hours and hours until I'm satisfied I've made the right choice. It's actually a thing called being a "maximiser". I would likely be talking about beauty, make up, travel, lifestyle stuff and would talk about maybe 6 different options, different price points (luxury, budget) and the post would me reviewing the products and choosing my favourite. So, I'm doing the research of all the different options out there and recommending my favourite.

Example: One of my favourite products is Grapefruit flavoured Shower Gel. So I would review say Body Shop, Original Source (budget), Philosophy, Fresh (splurge) and Jo Malone, Molton Brown (luxury). Post would compare them all, talk about pros and cons of each and then say whay my final choice is.

Any thoughts or feedback?

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ricketytickety Fri 25-Mar-16 08:03:39

I like the idea of this...I can spend days mulling over products - especially big spends - looking at all the reviews and the statistics before I choose. You'd need to include all the criteria and stats you were comparing and why they were important. eg for a hoover suction power might be high, but ease of manouvering might be low. Maybe identify the important factors in selecting each type of product and compare those against each other.

realhousewife23 Fri 25-Mar-16 15:31:43

Thank you ricketytickety

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ImperialBlether Fri 25-Mar-16 15:40:43

Do you have any background in this sort of thing? I was just thinking that one person's taste might not be another's, so I wondered why someone would trust your opinion. Sorry, I couldn't think of another way of saying that!

realhousewife23 Fri 25-Mar-16 16:00:32

I'm just thinking of it as a lighthearted personal blog talking about beauty, makeup, lifestyle type stuff so I'm hoping that no-one would be coming after me if I say I prefer a particular lipstick and they don't agree with me. It would be more a case of here are the options, this is my favourite, if you happen to be interested in this product I hope I've shown you some of what's available and maybe helped you come to a decision. Nothing too heavy.

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