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jonhs Tue 22-Mar-16 07:25:43

Morning all,
Maybe its me but I was a nanny in my younger years and have had three children of my own. I now have a grandson. I have been taking him to the local tots group and a nice time had by us both. But last week we went and there was a small dog with its owner there. is it me ? but I do not find it acceptable to have a dog in close quarters with small children.
Later I contacted the leader of the group and said that I was unhappy to attend with the dog there, I was informed that the dog belonged to a member and its from a child friendly home, its old and its been before. but she said that she would ask for the dog not to attend in future.
I have had dogs of my own and have always not mixed dogs with other peoples children , I feel it may be fine with your children but you can never take the risk.
Am I being OTT?

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