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The story of my name

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linguakulture Tue 09-Feb-16 14:48:20

International Mother Language Day 2016.

Your name tells you about my unique personality, your culture your Mother Tongue and how valued you are.

Follow this thread and tell us about the meaning of your name and story behind it. Or go to this page

GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Late Roman

PRONOUNCED: rə-JEEN-ə (English), rə-GEEN-ə (English), rə-JIEN-ə (English), re-GEE-nah (German, Polish), re-JEE-nah (Italian), RE-gee-naw (Hungarian)

Regina means "queen" in Latin (or Italian), used as Christian name from early times, and was borne by a 2nd-century saint. In England it was used during the Middle Ages in honour of the Virgin Mary, and it was later revived in the 19th century. A city in Canada bears this name, in honour of Queen Victoria.

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