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advice regarding daughters swimming lesson

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coco101 Wed 03-Feb-16 18:27:25

Hi, first post but really want some advice. I pay for 2-2-1 swimming lessons for my daughter who is being assessed for ADHD. She has always had concentration issues and previously had a group swimming lesson and never picked up anything. Since paying for the 2-2-1 (which are extremely expensive) I have seen great progress. However, her swimming class has now introduced another two children to the class. They do have their own instructor but they all have to share a small platform in the pool so they can stand.

I'm really annoyed as it is so distracting for my daughter. She is squashed on a small platform with three other children and having to listen to two separate instructions being shouted out by two teachers.

I have complained to the swimming class but they are not recognising my concerns and have basically told me it isn't going to change and they don't see the issue. Just wondered what other mums would do in this situation. I paid for the year upfront.

Backingvocals Wed 03-Feb-16 18:39:19

Non issue I'm afraid. I know exactly the setup you mean and its normal to have one platform. I appreciate the possible ADHD makes it harder but they can't realistically fit a platform per lesson in the pool (or couldn't at the pools we use).

The teachers normally progress to doing other things though so they are not always standing on a platform together. Presumably they weren't standing on a platform for 30 mins but just for the beginning of each exercise and for standing exercises.

WeAllHaveWings Wed 03-Feb-16 19:00:59

Ds had 1-1-1 lessons in the main pool at the shallow end. At the beginning he swam widths while there were adults swimming lengths. His teacher got around it by a mixture of timing and getting in the lane swimmers way herself. Wasnt ideal but pretty funny. Most pools I've seen don't have much space for lessons.

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