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Talk to me about becoming a blogger?

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Baconyum Tue 12-Jan-16 04:00:34

I've been interested in this part of MN and lurking for a while.

I've had an interesting and varied life. I'm an English grad and have always wanted to 'be a writer' and have had a few wee bits published and have the usual part finished novels hidden about.

But I've always been an avid reader of columns in magazines and felt if my life had taken a less traditional direction this is a route I would have liked to go down.

I have a dry sometimes sarcastic sense of humour and been told I'm funny and can write funny (ha ha) by only friends but other peers and lecturers, also that I can write movingly about certain life experiences.

Does any of this sound suitable for blogging? I would be looking to do it as a stimulating, interesting use of my time and to hopefully (without wishing to sound smug or arrogant) let others know they aren't alone in certain thoughts feelings and experiences.

Or am I totally misunderstanding how this works?

sprinkler Wed 10-Feb-16 09:47:27

It sounds as though you would make a fantastic blogger. I started blogging less than a year ago and I really enjoy it. I blog about all sorts of things, from random musings to personal development and spirituality. Take a look at my blog at My two pieces of advice would be, blog about what interests you (obviously) and use lots of photos. Oh yes, and people love a list! Good luck. Get blogging

zanuda Wed 04-May-16 17:29:58

You would not know until you try...

PurpleElla Wed 04-May-16 17:33:14

I've been blogging for five years. I would say it depends on your motivation for blogging. It's certainly not as easy to get readers as it used to be because there are a gazillion blogs out there and bloggers who spend 40 plus hours per week promoting themselves, posting etc. The days of pressing publish and popping the post on a few social networks are long gone.

However if you're blogging for personal reasons, and don't mind not getting a large following then go for it. It can be a very satisfying, therapeutic hobby.

ZariinKa25 Fri 06-May-16 08:50:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LilianSmith Wed 18-May-16 09:38:28

Blogging is interesting. I'm sure you'd become a great blogger! I'd like to read your future posts! Personally I'm also thinking of making my own site, with the help of this online website builder: I'm planning to write there about problems that each mom is facing.

ZariinKa25 Fri 10-Jun-16 20:20:40

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Emmakr5p Thu 28-Jul-16 16:34:49

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LouRandall Sat 30-Jul-16 09:31:30

Day One

I received an unwelcome early birthday surprise on Wednesday. Anybody who knows me will know that I only like good surprises!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have decided to set up a blog (never done that before) to chart my way through the next next chapter of my life.

I intend to remain positive and see the funny side, whilst protecting my 2 gorgeous sons and keeping afloat.

My aim is to try harder and do better throughout this journey.

Starter for ten - I am going to make sure I do a good deed every single day - no matter what.

Secondly, I am going to ask for, and gratiously accept, any offer of help (something I am not currently very good at).

Lastly for now, I'm gonna keep on smiling (in a "Doreyesque fashion)!

sosadforhim Fri 05-Aug-16 23:38:35

LouRandall sorry to read that. If you start a blog I'd be interested in reading it. I wish you well and will follow your progress if you blog.

laurenmarie Sun 07-Aug-16 18:38:05

I thinking writing a blog is a brilliant outlet, if you're passionate about what you're writing about, then people will enjoy reading. Don't see it as something that has to achieve a huge following, but as a diary, or record of what you're up to...if for no other reason than you enjoy writing...My blog is a family recipe book, I've switched from writing in a hard copy book to storing recipes and images on line... it's fun and I use it all the time... it's a bonus if other people enjoy what I write about... Good Luck!

user1470171746 Mon 22-Aug-16 07:52:03

I also think many people blog as it is a way to create traffic to their website where they are selling a good or service! So for them it is a method to get customers.

Gwenhwyfar Sun 28-Aug-16 09:04:05

Yes, user that's definitely true. We had a blog section on our company's website. The thing is though, even with professional paid-for SEO to the website, we only rarely had comments or feedback so it's quite difficult to get enough people to read your blog for there to be any interaction with readers. Another option is to blog on a group blog or something and you might get more readers.

Janussi Wed 07-Sep-16 08:55:40


I've been blogging for a few years now and have two blogs. I'm lucky if I get 6 visitors a day but occasionally get 100. It's more to flex my writing muscles and to keep a diary of things I cook with photos. I used to write for a local newspaper about cats and have had other small things published. I have 4 to 6 half written books and blogging gets me in the habit of writing daily and not being scared of the blank page.

Do start a blog and see how it goes.

loopylulu80 Sun 11-Sep-16 17:29:43

I started a blog to keep track of my 40 before 40 list. I didn't just want to complete the list but I wanted to document my progress and the journey to accomplish some of the items. I currently get very few visitors but I only post about once a week at the moment.

Doesn't bother me and I'm enjoying setting it up and tracking everything

cheeks1 Tue 13-Sep-16 21:33:57

Hi all new to this so please make allowances for me, am not even sure this is heading for the right thread...but here goes...
This is to do with the discussion on blogging...what is best platform to begin as I too am keen, but feel am playing murder in the dark yet without any clues as to what, where n when ?! How do I start a blog...any advice much appreciated:-)

updownnconfused Thu 15-Sep-16 12:31:44

cheeks1 I started last month Wordpress and was totally clueless. They have training courses and so on that you can join once you've set up your page. I'm loving it - just do it!

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