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Had a car crash and now the other person is lieing on his claim ! Help!?!

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AmandaMckinelly Tue 01-Dec-15 02:19:14

A couple of week ago I was at the end of my road ready to turn right it was rush hour traffic so I have had to edge out once I was out on my side of the road the traffic to the right of me easily about 8+ cars has stopped stationary for me to go I have looked left and waited for space to pull out when the opportunity presented its self I emerged about 5-8 mph a motorbike as I was turning has come quite fast from the right hand side over taking the stationary cars and he has said he has tryed to swerve to miss the impact but has been hit by the left side as he's swerved to the other side he has come of his bike and landed opposite side of road I quickly parked up and went over , no witnesses stopped as it was rush hour and the man was only hit with small impact and got up walking a nice neighbour let us sit in the house thankfully me and my little girl was ok and the man had no serious injury just complained of pain in his leg I was very shaken up and in serious shock whilst dealing with a very hyper two year old the police came and asked a few questions all they asked is if we swapped insurance details , how fast we was going and what happened .. I told him what happened but said something along the lines off "I looked right I looked left then I went I must not of looked properly because I hit him" I was very shaken up and said this I also mentioned the stationary cars but the police officer has told my insurance company I admitted liability ! Is that admitting liability? I really do not think it is at no point did I say sorry it's my fault to be honest I wasn't sure and felt really sorry he was hurt when I got home I looked it up and realised we was both at fault me obviously for not taking the due care to look for cyclist properly and him because it clearly states although motorbikes are allowed to filter they have to slow down and be aware of junction ... What are your thoughts on this 50/50 or mine or his fault? But now insurance company has contacted me and said he is making a claim because he is hurt noThing serious but pain in. His leg but he is adamant that there was NO STATIONARY CARS HE OVERTOOK it was rush hour traffic ! He is trying to say I have just turned out on him he hasn't over took ! How can I prove my innocents? I take liability for half of the fault

MsMims Tue 01-Dec-15 02:28:19

I think it will go against you, sorry.

He had priority already being on the road. You were pulling out of a side road so meant to give way to all traffic before turning.

Try not to worry about it too much, it's what insurance is for flowers

AmandaMckinelly Tue 01-Dec-15 02:30:27

Sorry another thing to add : the insurance company has said if there was stationary traffic (which there was)!! It is a 50/50 claim

ottothedog Tue 01-Dec-15 04:28:58

What you said does sound like admitting liability. Is there anything in the statement about stationary traffic? I know it is annoying and it does sound 50:50 but i think this will end up recorded as your fault without witnesses, as you were turning. Try not to take it personally and let the insurance deal with it. Fwiw 50:50 or fault or even no fault - your premiums go up next year regardless of blame

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