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New bereavement blog

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shoeboxofm Tue 24-Nov-15 17:41:34


Just joined the network and waiting for feedback so thought I'd say hi whilst it's all being processed.

I have a new blog on the experiences of the stillbirth of my twin boys and life afterwards.

It's aimed at people that have been on similar circumstances and those that may find themself or their friends and family in that situation. Along with stories about the events it covers the other bits that follow like sorting funeral arrangements, returning baby clothes and dealing with helpful comments. There's also links to resources and information too.

It's an odd blog in that I take a different approach to a lot of blogs dealing with grief but initial responses have been that people have found it helpful.

It's also odd in that it arrives with around 20 posts already in place, the result of two solid weeks of intense writing. I'm not sure that the approach of a static front page is the best so glad for any feedback on design and navigation. There's a page (a guide to take you by the hand) that acts as a contents page of sorts to help people find what may interest them.

It's not always a happy read but it's not all grim and for added fun it has its own soundtrack. Thanks for reading!

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