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Non answered Calls to teenage son in weekly boarding Public school, shall I remove him from the school?

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Tigerzmum Tue 10-Nov-15 18:55:41

I am considering removing my son from his weekly boarding public school.
He rarely takes my calls during the week; I have asked his housemaster to instruct he take the call in the evening; but I have to chase the HM to have this request followed. My son is prioritizing extra curricular activities over academics which is being encourages by his HM and he is achieving low effort grades for his prep and averaging Cs in his subjects. -Am I being unreasonable?

I wouldn't remove him over the phone calls issue, but if the school letting him do mediocre academic work, that is a problem. The main reason for sending a child to school is that they get the best education they are capable of, so if the school is not making sure he does the best he can, they are failing him, and that would be a good reason to move him.

I would suggest talking to the school about your concerns about his work before you make any decisions.

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