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Who are interested in Product Review Offers?

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Snehal11 Wed 21-Oct-15 19:15:18

Hello Bloggers,

I would like to know who are interested in product review offers?

sallyjenkins Thu 29-Oct-15 15:39:58

Depends what the product is?

gr2014 Sat 31-Oct-15 10:29:01

There are sites that help link companies with bloggers like:

Might be a good starting point.

zanuda Fri 20-Nov-15 18:07:18

Depends on how you imagine it would look like. I.e. publishing review on somebody else site with indexed link to your blog? Or you want products to write review about and publish on your own site?

PaulaBright Wed 25-Nov-15 03:08:20

I am interested in learning about who might already be out there on the web as the most 'popular' / 'subscribed' / 'watched on you tube' Bloggers / Vloggers who currently create 'Product Reviews'?

I have a friend with a creative product that they would like to get reviewed - ideally from established internet personalities, with the right target audiences.

Her product is for children 3 to 7.

If the two sites above - make this connection possible please explain a little more?

zanuda Thu 26-Nov-15 13:33:55

PaulaBright, in that case you have to ... clarify (???) what the main reason for this reviews - 1. generate leads with possible sales her/his website to , 2. get website ranking which eventually will lead to better position in SERP , 3. to make the brand name more recognizable.

Keeping it in mind - evaluate the donors' sites (because depending on the reason, criteria for donor site will be different.

I suppose you don't need NN3. For NN2 you need donor sites with good page ranking and trust and some traffic, so people would follow the link from time to time and you need good amount of sites like that. For NN1 - sites with big traffic, even if PR and trust are not so good.

Another thing, to be honest, product reviews don't attract a lot of readers. There is another way of doing things - run competition. Which might have some review as well if they're ready to give 2 products to the same site.

Anyway, right down what you think, we might have some ideas suitable to your friend. At the moment I've got only those -

1. think about competition (above)
2. see what's on twitter on #pblogger #pbloggers look at the sites of those whose tweets you like and see if it's suitable donor sites
2a. consider websites of local parenting magazines, some of them like to publish reviews of promo articles as well. Article in printed version will be expensive but you ask internet only, it might be the same as with bloggers - would cost the product only
3. contact mumsnet department for advertisers and see what's they have on offer, them might have something that your friend would like and with the amount of people visiting mumsnet it will be quite an exposure...

PaulaBright Fri 08-Jan-16 07:55:18

Hi Xanuda

Further to my search for the most popular Parent Bloggers, I saw this:

These 'Twin Mummy and Daddy' people - who BLOG on Twitter - posted this. (I Follow them now)

Clearly there is a list of the best 'Parent Bloggers' somewhere for me to find?

A Chart?

I need to locate 'Parent Bloggers' with the right aged children and big followings.

And get them to Review my friend's audio-book product.

Happy New Year - and thanks once again for the steer.

Paula B.

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