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Ovulation Stick

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hopefullybaby Thu 15-Oct-15 13:07:14

I took an ovulation test but not fmu and got a faint line. I have absolutely no idea where I am in my cycle, no clue. I used to monitor but having been fed up with monitoring cycles I have been going with the relaxed approach.

It has been a while since an AF but not sure if a month. Hubby thinks I had one in September but I have gone over diary and can't pin point when I think.
Would this mean I'm ovulating or a negative?

Help appreciated girlies as I don't normally monitor or wee on a stick, bought them to try after Xmas.

There are symptoms but could be AF so not using them. (4 boob affect in bra, sicky, tired, EWCM)

(Will probably start AF tomorrow now!)

Refusing to buy a test.

Thanks in advance.

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