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Buckinghamshire Country Parks smartphone idea

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rbowman Thu 08-Oct-15 13:47:52

Good afternoon

I am currently putting together an idea for our local country parks in Buckinghamshire, and this idea is based around using your smartphone to be able to view historic places or specific movie scenes that were filmed in our country parks. Kind of like virtual reality, but without the goggles! Think of it like holding a picture from the 1920's against the modern day background to see the differences of how things have changed except you can move it around and literally peer into the past..

Black park is known for filming movies like harry potter, stardust, James Bond within its grounds. The idea is to be able to put yourself in the scene of the movie at the exact point it was shot. This will be the first of its kind anywhere in the UK

This is only in idea stage currently as part of a competition but would love your thoughts on if this would be suited to you, your children or anyone! I need to know if there is a thirst for this kind of innovation.

The panel are deciding tomorrow so any feedback will be fantastic.


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