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lddiamond Thu 01-Oct-15 10:28:04

Hello Mums, We provide nappy changing facilities for our guests and are looking at making improvements. What facilities would you expect when visiting a tourist attraction and what would be nice to see.

We are also thinking of stocking spare nappies, however can't stock every size. What sizes would be best to stock to help parents in emergencies?


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sophie150 Thu 01-Oct-15 10:33:51

Cleanliness is the most important thing I think- I hate going in smelly dirty changing facilities.
Other than that having a hook by the changing table that I can put my changing bag on is really useful.

bumpertobumper Thu 01-Oct-15 10:40:07

Have a toilet, ideally a low level child's one, so that the other kids can have a wee while madly changing is going on /there is somewhere to take the kids to use the loo which is buggy friendly.
Cleanliness is v important - frequent emptying of the bins as they do get very smelly.
Some anti bac spray to wipe down the mats before /after use.
Thanks for thinking of making this a nice user friendly space, it really makes a difference.
Size 4 nappies are the ones they are in for ages.

bumpertobumper Thu 01-Oct-15 10:41:34

Nappy not madly, although that is what you could call a Freudian auto correct grin

cookielove Thu 01-Oct-15 10:43:42

If you are gonna provide nappies I would go with size 3 and size 5, I would also provide one of those rolls that you can use to cover this kind of changing mat spare nappy sacks would also be brilliant as I always forget these smile

I suppose you could provide wipes too, but if not cotton wool and within reach a water tap!

Make sure you have a table instead of those stupid pull down shelves which are shite rubbish!

Make sure the room is warm. You could hang stuff and put stuff on the ceiling so the children be distracted smile

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