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Getting a blog off the starting blocks, help needed!

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wonkywheel Tue 29-Sep-15 18:33:21

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while but struggled with finding a topic/niche - have decided now but having some 'before I can even start' problems! My idea for my blog is around living on quite a restricted budget (as we already do!) and ideas for how to have 'naice things' on a budget, eg DIY ideas, free/cheap days out, cheap cooking etc, but also with bits of my life thrown in, especially about bringing up a teenager, and the challenges therein (as dd is just about to turn 13), and other bits like coping with dysfunction families etc.

1) Does this sound like a decent idea for a blog or or too general?

2) Have read several times that if you're in any way serious about keeping a blog you should have your own url - do I have to start with one or will it not be a huge PITA to start on blogger or elsewhere and switch to a custom url if I carry on?

3) I have literally no idea of a name for the blog! I like the feel of the 'champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget' but anything to do with that phrase seems already so overused, or it could have nothing to do with budgeting in the name and be more general, or something about parenting a teen? Please help!

zanuda Thu 29-Oct-15 13:05:41

1. It's good idea. But it is not entirely new one. Sometime ago here (30, mayby 60 pages down) it was a link to a blog - single mum living on benefits -> really on a budget. What I remember, she was quite a good writer and her blog got a lot of subscribers, at some point she got to an offer (?writing a book) and the article appeared in local newspaper. So, the council immediately terminated her benefits (something like even before the contract was signed). Telling that - because I don't remember URL but somebody might...

2. It doesn't matter in the beginning. You could always buy domain name later and "point" it to an existing blog on some free platform.
2a And in the end get your own hosting

3. That's the most important thing. 'champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget' - good for a slogan. Site name should be shorter.

gr2014 Sat 31-Oct-15 10:32:07

Even if there are other blogs with a similar subject, they're not written by you. Your blog will have your voice and will therefore not read like anyone elses.

From my experience, your blog does fit in with what a lot of other folk write about. Provided you keep the content fresh, you'll do fine.

When you settle on a name. register a twitter account, instagram and facebook page with the same name. Link to your blog posts on both. Retweet links to your blog posts regularly. Use hashtags to attract other readers. Interact with people. Run some giveaways. You'll get readers in no time. Good luck! smile

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