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Am I being discriminated against? Desperate for help.

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Shelbycobra Sun 27-Sep-15 16:18:24

I'm a ftm at 28 weeks pregnant.
I told work straight away that I was pregnant as I am a mechanic and heavy lifting and chemicals come into my everyday tasks.
My manager carried out a risk assessment and we agreed i would work on reception as nothing was really suitable for me in the workshop.

When I got to about 20 weeks pregnant my baby started putting a lot of pressure on my sciatica nerve meaning I needed to sit down a lot more and eventually I could only stand for up to 30 minutes without getting really stiff and sore, I had meetings with HR and my area manager and they'd said they would sort out getting me a chair in reception as I was working 9 hour shifts 5 days a week and whilst resting there wasn't much I could do from where I was and it would make me fed up and also the chair id be sitting on was made of hard plastic.

After waiting 2 weeks nothing had been done and I've been signed off as sick for the past 3 weeks, I've provided a self certificate and 2 medical notes provided by my GP. I had my pay slip through and it's been totally messed up as my manager informed me he'd sent them to HR 2 days ago which was our pays cut off date meaning they'll probably be void now and my pay is ridiculous and less than bills I have coming out of my accounts.
I have been in touch with HR without response so far but my manager tried covering his own back by saying it's my responsibility to get the medical notes to HR.

I'm desperately stressed out as I'm 28 weeks pregnant and planning on moving in to my own home and with it being so close to Christmas I can't afford to be loosing so much money because I was misinformed or my manager hasn't done his job properly.

Has anybody got any idea on what I can do about this legally or how you managed with this issue if anybody has experienced this before.

shoeboxofm Tue 24-Nov-15 17:23:33

It's a difficult one to call. Lapses in process aren't necessarily discrimination but if they form part of a series of events putting you at a disadvantage related to your pregnancy it could be seen as such.

From your description they have make reasonable adjustmentsteps but not always followed through. The pay is a different matter though. Can you talk to payroll to see what (if any) options there are?

Best bet is to speak with Acas for advice. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission site also has information on pregnancy / maternity rights.

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