Anyone got children with chromosome syndrome 15q microdeletion and 6q

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Donnajaydensmum Thu 24-Sep-15 11:48:55

My son is 3 he was poorly a lot he had some tests done and results are that he's been diagnosed with 15q microdeletion and 6q duplication it's been a very emotional time for us as Iv just learned he's for the 15q from me but not 6q and doctors said they don't really know anything about the 6q as its very rare

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Comingroundthemountain Thu 24-Sep-15 22:16:42

I don't know if it is similar to Kleefstra syndrome or not but if it is then a friend of a friend of a friend has a child with this and writes this blog that you may find helpful and I could put you in touch with them directly if you PMd me.

Wishing you all well. It must be a huge shock.

Comingroundthemountain Thu 24-Sep-15 22:17:15

Should say, they are in Canada.

Donnajaydensmum Fri 25-Sep-15 00:05:44

Hi Thankyou for commenting I don't know if it's same and yes it was a very big shock I still can't believe it I feel sorry for the genetics doctor as I was in tears it's hard finding out that it's come from me x

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Nowwhatisit Thu 01-Oct-15 21:28:48

Sorry you are going through this. Have you tried contact a family

Donnajaydensmum Thu 01-Oct-15 22:00:15

Hi Thankyou for replying Iv not heard of that one but wil try it as Iv tyres registering with a couple n they can't help me as uv to AV 13.1 to join but my little boys got 13.3

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Donnajaydensmum Thu 01-Oct-15 22:03:59

Iv just tyres it but it's only comin up with dla n funding

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