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I need advise

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Tia1983 Wed 16-Sep-15 19:28:49

I need some advise and I'm not getting the answers i'm looking for online.
My tax credit was stopped by a company working on behalf of HMRC. They sent a letter the day before I was due to get my tax credit to say it will be stopped because I didn't reply to a letter they sent back in May which I never received. If I got a letter like that in May I would have dealt with it because I need the money.
Anyway I was given a number to call and I was waiting in line for my call to be answered for 45mins!
as soon as I spoke to someone they advised me to send all my documents to them which I did via first class recorded. I didn't hear anything from them the following week so I called again and was on hold for 2 hours! I know it sounds crazy but I need the money so I waited till I spoke to someone. They then advised me to send more information which I did.
Again I didn't hear anything from them so I called again and was on hold for 4 hours!! i kept the call on loud speaker so I could take care of my kids. They told me they will not be paying my child tax credit anymore because I did not notify them about my ex living with me!! I told them he does not and he lives up north with his family. they said his bank statements still registered to my house. I spoke to my ex and he is not a nice man at all and he said he will do it when he wants. I told tax credit everything and i showed them I don't get another income from anyone.

the bottom line is can I reapply because I am at that point that I can't take it anymore. I have nothing to live on and going to food banks.

Please someone help me.

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 17-Sep-15 07:56:11

You need to post this in AIBU or CHAt. You won't get enough attention here OP...

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