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St Mary Cray

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DavinaDavina Mon 14-Sep-15 17:03:54


I just thought I would see if anyone could help me with something.

My boyfriend and I have seen a house that??s fantastic and we want to put an offer in for it, but it??s in St Marys Cray and after researching the area there is/ has been quite a bit of violent crime. We are hoping that in the future this will become a family home and are concerned that if we bought it it wouldn??t be a good place to bring up a family but it has every other benefit! Please can anyone advise on the area or know anything about it?


VictoriaLC123 Mon 14-Sep-15 21:42:01

I live in Beckenham and it does have a bit of a bad reputation im afraid. I think you get a few travellers in and around that area, parts of Orpington are nice, but I would advise visiting and observing before you proceed.
V xx

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Mon 14-Sep-15 21:44:31

I have family who live round that way. It hugely depends which exact bit.
Do Not buy on Star Lane.

DavinaDavina Wed 16-Sep-15 07:56:46

Thanks for your feedback everyone. The house is on Hearns Road so not too far from Star lane but not on it. I have heard a few negative things about star lane!

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Wed 16-Sep-15 20:36:23

As far as I understand it St Paul's Cray is nicer than St Mary Cray? My cousin lives near Poverest and says that is nice. But looking at the map it seems St Mary cray station is in St pauls cray now theres confusing! And Poverest may be Orpington?

Also my cousin said the schools aren't great round there so that is a consideration for raising a family

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