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What do you honestly think of this girl's name?

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emilyapplegate93 Fri 11-Sep-15 15:42:51

Helloo mummies and mummies to be..

My baby girl is due in November and I wanted your honest opinions on this? My partner and I both love the name Ava and have agreed on this, however I do appreciate it's popularity (although I don't know any Ava's hence the reason we are going for this)

So I want a middle name/names that make it more unique, to go with the surname Brook.

I am thinking Ava Naomi Winter Brook as her full name.. what's your opinion on this?

Open to suggestions but please no Grace/Rose/May/Elizabeth names as I want to keep it unique and this these are also commonly used..

Also trying to stay away from anything too unusual/difficult to spell.

Many thanks !! :-) xxx

Verbena37 Fri 11-Sep-15 23:05:25

Ava Penelope
Ava Natalie
Ava Alexandria
Ava Celcelia
Ava Coralie
Ava Georgiana
Ava Juliette
Ava Motana
Ava Persephone
Ava Cordelia
Ava Marcia Lynette
Ava Carolyn
Ava Clarissa

I realise these are only two name ideas but went with the less common names I could think of that sounded pretty with Ava

Rivercam Fri 11-Sep-15 23:08:16

Great name choice. Like all of Verbena's suggestion except Motana (Montana?)

Verbena37 Fri 11-Sep-15 23:17:15

It was supposed be Montana....yep, not sure where that came from....was looking for the more unusual winter.

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 12-Sep-15 00:12:51

Ava Clementine Brook

cheekychicken103 Mon 14-Sep-15 12:02:34

how about Ava Leanna!

NattyNatural Thu 01-Oct-15 16:02:46

Definitely Ava Natalie wink

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