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advice required please

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outofmymind73 Thu 20-Aug-15 16:03:18


We were waiting in an airport gate queue for approx 30 minutes and there was a large family in front of us (not known to us) including a mother carrying a 6mth old baby with his head peeping over her shoulder

A senior male member of our party took it upon himself to amuse the baby with smiley faces,cooing and blowing kisses through pursed lips. The baby laughed and the mum was blissfully unaware of the activity

However a younger male member of our party told the senior member to stop his behaviour, indicating that it was inappropriate. This response came as a shock to the senior member

So the question is simple. Was this behaviour inappropriate or not?

HarshbutfairTess33 Thu 20-Aug-15 16:23:34

It just shows the difference in attitudes between different generations, I suppose.

chris71 Thu 20-Aug-15 16:26:00

May have been, the description is a little less and we need to know the POV of the young person.

Heyho111 Wed 26-Aug-15 10:17:22

It's very appropriate behaviour. The reaction from the other male is also appropriate if they are a teenager as everything is embarrassing and wrong. If the complainer is older they are wrong.

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