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New blog by a dad

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vimtokid Mon 10-Aug-15 14:14:19


I have been to so many places over the past few months with my toddler that I thought it would be good to show the good and the not so good.

As I am new, I want to really network and get to know others. I know there are many websites that offer a place to network but I am a little lost.

Would anyone have any valuable tips on where to start? I will add a please as your help will be very much appreciated.

DaddyCares Tue 18-Aug-15 20:39:56

Hey I am a new Dad as well and thought I would share my experiences and top tips on food as we wean our little one.

zanuda Thu 20-Aug-15 01:58:21

Please, specify what do you mean by "network". Some online forum/comunity or you want toi find some places in real world?

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