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The national pupil database - our kids personal data shared with third parties

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TheABB Mon 20-Jul-15 10:45:09

“There appears to have been no concerted effort to bring ...the national pupil database initiative to the attention of parents or pupils (i.e. the data subjects themselves). This is a quote from one of the parents who did respond:

“I am shocked and appalled that I wasn’t notified about this consultation through my child’s school – I read about it on Twitter of all things. A letter should have gone to every single parent explaining the proposals and how to respond to this consultation.”

(Now imagine that sentiment amplified via Mumsnet …)”
[July 2013, blog by O. Boswara]

Fair processing means transparently sharing the purposes for which you intend to process personal information, not hiding some of the users through careful wording and a complex privacy notice on a website almost no one reads. Are you happy our children's personal data is safe?

For more detail please see my post and feel free to contact me and see my Twitter feed for data protection expert opinion over the weekend, that communication with pupils and parent/guardians is inadequate and therefore does not process pupil data lawfully:

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